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African Writers Conference 2019 to take place in Kenya

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African Writers Conference (AWC) is set to take place in Kenya this year with the theme, ‘Cultural Stereotypes in African Literature: Rewriting the Narrative for the 21st Century Reader’.

AWC recently unveiled the 2019 AWC logo, which shows a blend of Kenya’s national colours and symbols of the strength of the African culture.

The Public Relations Officer of AWC, Namse Udosen described it as “a representation of our pride in the vibrant African culture often misrepresented in literature. The logo is symbolic of the values we intend to share when we gather in Nairobi later in 2019 for the African Writers Conference. We hope these visuals will stimulate a new narrative on how African culture is portrayed in literary works of both Africans and non-Africans.”

AWC debuted last year in Abuja, Nigeria. The conference is an event conceptualized by the African Writers Development Trust (AWDT) aimed at bringing together writers of African descent to a common platform, build bridges for networking, provide opportunities for writers to promote themselves and their work, and sustain a conversation on advancing the collective interests of African writers. It is supported by UNESCO, Writers Guild Kenya, the Association of Nigerian Authors (Abuja Chapter), Poetica Magazine, among others.