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Adamawa: Accusing Paul for the offence of Peter

Adamawa State governor, Ahmadu Fintiri.
Adamawa State governor, Ahmadu Fintiri.

By Joseph Abraham

Adamawa State, the home State of the First lady, Aisha Buhari, is once again in the news but this time around for bad news. Before the coming of insurgency, Adamawa State was well known for its rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in its past historical patterns and hospitality.

Although relative calm has returned to the state, courtesy of the relentless efforts of the First Lady, who is endlessly working towards bringing peace and democratic dividends to her people, there seems to be a sponsored campaign in the making, with the intent of rubbishing these good efforts, and sending the state on the reverse gear of progress.

In what looks like the work of Judas, the social media is awashed with some planted stories, to the effect that the First Lady Aisha Buhari is using some foot soldiers to manipulate the ongoing congresses in Adamawa State, in order to facilitate the emergence of her brother as the governorship candidate of the APC in the state. According to the sponsors of the stories, the First Lady’s brother, Modi, has not held any known public office, neither has he worked as a civil servant in his entire life.

But as part of the preparation to ensure that he was tutored for the job of a governor, Aisha recently sent him to the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies, Kuru, near Jos, Plateau State, to study, while she perfects the taking over of the APC’s structure in Adamawa.

The question now begging for answer is, who is afraid of the First lady’s influence? Is it Senator Dahiru Binani, Senator Mohammed Jibrilla Bindow, the former Governor of the state, or Senator Ishaku Abbo, all of whose names were featured in the planted stories?

In accusing Paul for the offense of Peter, the masterminds of the stories, who seem at cross purpose with the legitimate ambition of the sincere sons and daughters of Adamawa State, alleged that at the just-concluded local government congresses of the APC in the state, the First Lady used her influence to intimidate perceived political opponents of her brother, such as Senator Dahiru Binani, Senator Mohammed Jibrilla Bindow and Senator Ishaku Abbo, who represents Adamawa North Senatorial zone in the Senate, to hijack the party structure in the state. Nothing more can smack of mischief.

Those conversant with the Adamawa State politics are wondering why should people object to capacity building, especially where it is intended to develop and strengthen the skills and abilities of someone? If truly the First Lady had encouraged her brother to go to NIPSS in order for him to be more abreast with modern methods of transformation, is she not supposed to be applauded?

What has the state benefitted from the mediocre leadership of the previous ill-prepared governors, other than mismanagement, misconduct and bequeathed bankruptcy? Must Adamawa State continue to suffer just because of the selfish ambition of a disgruntled few, who have nothing to offer but greed and grandeur to steal?

News from the grapevine has it that Senator Binani is desperately seeking to be the first female governor of Adamawa State. And in her hunger for the seat, she could go to any length.

While some are saying there is nothing wrong in the pursuit of a legitimate political ambition, but in doing that, the person must come clean, with such conducts that are manifesting high principles of behaviour, devoid of insensitivity, foolishness or immorality.

In its quest for women emancipation, the North may be eager to key into the process by which women are made to gain access and control of all forms of resources, but the time has not arrived for the North to accept the candidature of woman as a governor. If Lagos State, the champion of western democracy in Nigeria, has not accepted a woman governor, what more of conservative Adamawa State?

Critics of the First Lady may say whatever they wish to say, but from the look of things, some of them seem to be acting only out of envy, because of the value she is adding to the infrastructural and manpower developments of the state.

It is on record that the First lady is instrumental to the appointment of Boss Mustapha as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, and with that appointment came a number of appointments and opportunities that are brightening the prospects of the state.

The success stories of Col. Buba Marwa rtd. at the NDLEA cannot be written without giving credit to the First Lady, who put her feet down to ensure that the chairmanship of the agency went to one of her kinsmen.

It is strange that accusers of the First Lady are always silent when she is working to salvage the state, her home state. But they are quick to attack her for their self-seeking political opportunism.

This is nothing but hypocrisy and dishonesty combined, where Paul is being wrongly accused for the offence of Peter.


Abraham sent this piece from Numan, Adamawa State