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2023: Igbo forum wants ‘full autonomy’ for INEC

The Ndigbo Good Governance Initiative (NGGI) has called for full autonomy for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), including removing the power to appoint its National Commissioners and Chairman from a sitting President.

The National President of the NGGI, Hon. Nonso David Ezedinma, made the call on Tuesday in Abuja, in a communique of the first national council meeting of the organisation.

“That the election management body, INEC, should be made to acquire full autonomy by removing the power to appoint its National officers and chairman from a sitting president and transferring same to the table of some registered Non- Governmental Organisations who select three names which shall, ultimately, go through the scrutiny of a joint session of the National Assembly where a simple majority ballot determines who becomes whatever at INEC.

“The present situation where Mr. President appoints the chief electoral umpire in a contest where he has vested interest is, to say the least, absurd.

“Again, we have also had basis to argue that INEC the way it is at present may not allow for better results in election management.

“It cannot register a party, for instance, monitor its activities and still get involved in other duties concerning the same party.

“Suffice it to ask that the commission be unbundled,” Ezedinma said.

He said that the huge cost of governance was still of major concern in Nigeria, and that any attempt to whittle down these costs expended on a system that is obviously top-heavy would go a long way at saving cost for use in education, healthcare and other sub-components in national development.

While saying that it supports the ongoing constitution review exercise, the organisation also called for the creation of additional state in the South-east.

It also dissociated itself, members and supporters from every incisive comment or utterance by anyone purporting to represent or speak for the region, claiming that the Igbo are no longer interested in the Nigerian nation or aligned to its fundamental objectives.

He insisted that they proudly remain Nigerians in Nigeria.