1st Lady Aisha Buhari and Bulama’s cartoon | Dailytrust

1st Lady Aisha Buhari and Bulama’s cartoon

Aisha Buhari reacts to Bulama’s cartoon

A quick glance at a few of Bulama’s recent cartoons in Daily Trust suggests that he has been a satirist and critic of developments in the Nigerian government and the Northern region, where he comes from, for quite some time, but Bulama became more popular, I think through his online pages.

His seemingly playful expression of humour in the face of adversity often triggers thought-provoking smiles and laughter.

Hanan’s wedding not insensitive to Nigerians’ Plight – Aisha Buhari’s aide

First photos from wedding of Buhari’s daughter, Hanan, surface

The Nigerian authorities are not in the habit of responding to public criticisms, but given the popularity and potency of Bulama’s cartoons, he cannot be ignored as a public opinion influencer.

However, this is no longer a time when public opinion matters to Aso Rock.

By the way, who needs public opinion?

No one is asking for votes for the next election anymore.

Say whatever you wish, Aso Rock is deaf, it is literally inanimate like a rock, and it no longer hears anything or anyone.

The rock sees no one, not even the Nigerians drowning in the pool of poverty, with some skulls floating while the First Lady displays pictures of her daughter’s flamboyant wedding, as depicted by Bulama in his cartoon.

If Bulama stops sketching provocative cartoons for political correctness or to please Aso Rock, he will no longer be relevant, his fans will walk away from him as the majority of supporters of Aso Rock have done.

By the way, there was a time he was fair to Aso Rock, when he expressed optimism in the government that was fixing what he depicted as a broken car.

Now he joins the rest of the public to express dismay at a government that has taken a soft and comfortable seat and uses a toothpick to remove remnants of meat from its mouth while the rest of the nation finds it difficult to afford the price of maize.

-Musa Kalim Gambo writes from Zaria  kalimatics@gmail.com