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12 things to know about NALDA Farm Estate launched by Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari commissions farm estate in Daura, Katsina State

On Monday, President Muhammadu Buhari commissioned the first farm estate executed by the National Agricultural Land Development Development Authority (NALDA) In Daura, the President’s home town.

Daily Trust has, therefore, highlighted few things you should know about the farm.

1. The first NALDA’s integrated farm estate is established on 100-hectare land donated by the Katsina State Government and is divided into two: 80 hectares for crop production and 20 hectares for livestock production, processing and packaging.

2. The estate has lots for growing feeds and animal wastes as fertilizer for plants in a recycled system.

3. It has 40 poultry pens with a capacity of over 400,000 birds.

4. It also has fish ponds with a capacity of 200,000 fish.

5. Also in the farm estate, are cow and goat pens with a capacity of 500 animals.

6. Besides, there are rabbit pens with a capacity of 3,000 rabbits.

7. It also has a space for bee farming. There is a bee apiary with a capacity of 540 litres of honey per harvest.

8. There are crop farming, packaging and processing zones.

9. The estate has a school, clinic and a residential area, with 120 units of one-bedroom apartments so that some farmers and their families can live and work in the farm.

10. The farm has the capacity to engage 1,500 women and youth directly.

11. Farmers will have three production cycles in a year. The participating farmers are from 13 communities, namely Suduje, Madobi, Kaya, Sharawa, Sukwanawa, Dadinkowa, Daberan, Benga, Kurneji, Zari, Mazuji, Tambu and Dannakola.

12. The entire farm has the capacity to generate over N1.7b in the first year.